Basements are very popular with homeowners for a good reason. They can provide you with a lot of extra space without the need for a larger house. The problem with basements is that they are located beneath ground level. This means that moisture can be a big problem. This is why waterproofing your basements is a necessity. Most basements are already treated for waterproofing when they are built but over the years, you may need to call in your Concord remodeling contractor to treat your basement again.

Over time, the seals and drains in your basements can get damaged which is why you might find water seeping into different areas in your basement. Before calling your Concord remodeling contractor however, there are a few things you can do to prepare your basement for waterproofing. Here are a few tips.

Clear all plants, weeds and shrubs near your foundation

Most Concord remodeling contractors will tell you that plants should never be within a foot of your foundation. This is because the root systems of plants can serve as a passageway for water to seep into your basement. This is also the reason why the ground around your house should have a slight slope leading away from your home.

Maintain your Gutters

Defective gutters and downspouts can lead to water accumulating near your foundation. This is very bad for your basement. Make sure that your gutters are well maintained and your downspouts are free from any obstructions.

Check the state of your Hydroclay

Hydroclay is a very important waterproofing material that is injected into the spaces in your foundation to keep water out. If you find that there are leaks in your basement, then the problem might be with your hydroclay. If you don’t have any hydroclay injected near your foundation, then you should inform your Concord remodeling contractor immediately.

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