When it comes to renovating a kitchen, dealing with cabinetry is one of the most important, albeit difficult tasks. Choosing the right cabinet alone can be difficult. However, the good news is that once you have made your choice, the rest of the complicated stuff can be left to your contractor. If you live in the vicinity of Fairfield, California, then you’re in luck. Finding a reputable Fairfield kitchen remodeling contractor is easy. The hard part lies in choosing what type of kitchen cabinet will suit your kitchen.


There are generally three types of cabinets you can use for your kitchen. You can either opt for Tall Cabinets, Wall Cabinets, or Base Cabinets.


Tall Cabinets


Tall cabinets are usually used as a pantry in many kitchens. They are often used in narrow spaces where a base cabinet or a wall cabinet may be difficult to install. As the name implies, this type of cabinet is often very tall and narrow which makes it perfect for storing dry goods such as cans, flour, grains, and other kitchen supplies.


Wall Cabinets


Wall cabinets are mounted on your kitchen wall. This is the most common type of cabinetry. They are perfect for spaces above countertops and kitchen appliances. They make ideal storage spaces for pots, pans, baking containers, trays, as well as bowls and plates. Since they are very common, just about any Fairfield kitchen remodeling contractor can handle installing wall cabinets with ease.


Base Cabinets


This type of cabinet is used for storage as well as a base to support your kitchen countertops. Base cabinets are also often used as a base for kitchen sinks. They often come with both drawers and shelves.


If needed you can use all three types for maximum storage. If you want to learn more about kitchen cabinetry, consult with a qualified Fairfield kitchen remodeling contractor today.


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